Dominatia otomana

Ottoman Domination

Secolul al XVIII-lea

Foreign dominion during

the 18th century

Secolul reformelor XVIII

Reformation century

Manastirea Voronet

Monastery Voronet

Manastirea Sucevita

Monastery Sucevita

Scoala ardeleana

Transylvanian School

Mihai Viteazul Nicolae Milescu-Spataru Dimitrie Cantemir Romanian Cities: Cluj, Sibiu European Cultural Capital 2007
Emil Racovita

Regii Romaniei 

Romanian Kings

Pionierii aviatiei romane 

Romanian pioneer of aviation

Nadia Comaneci Ghita Muresan


Travelers and Travels
Nicolae Milescu-Spataru

Nicolae Milescu a trait intre anii 1639-1708. A studiat la Constantinopol si a indeplinit mai multe functii: gramatic, spatar, scriitor,geograf si reprezentant diplomatic al domnitorilor romani. Dupa 1664, a calatorit prin Europa. A trecut prin Berlin, Stockholm, Paris, Moscova. Tarul Rusiei l-a trimis in China, cu scopul  de a stabili relatii comerciale cu aceasta tara, precum si de a intocmi descrieri ale tinuturilor strbatute.

   Principalele opere ale lui Milescu sunt: “Jurnal de calatorie in China” si “Descrierea Chinei”.

Nicolae Milescu-Spataru is a Moldovan scientist, statesman of Moldova and Russia, writer and diplomatist. Its main work was the diplomatic mission in China. The bust was erected in 1957 (sculptor L. Averbukh)

The sword bearer Nicolaie Milescu studied in Constantinopol , learning Latin, the old Greek, Paleoslavonic and Turkish. He had several positions: secretary (copyist), sword bearer and a diplomatic representative for the Romanian rulers. After 1664, he traveled through Europe. He visited Berlin, Stockholm, Paris and Moscow. The Tzar of Russia sent him to China in order to establish commercial relations with this country, as well as to make descriptions of the lands he had seen. These travels gave him the opportunity to collect data about the forms of relief, the climate, the vegetation, rivers and inhabitants. These data ,gathered between the years 1675 – 1678, are to be found in two most appreciated works “The Journal of Travels to China” (partially printed in 1892) and “The Description of China”.

He was the first one that translated the Bible (The Old Testament) into Romanian. 

Nicolae Milescu-Spataru